I surrender – I am no longer a developer…

When I joined Microsoft in 1996 I was most certainly a developer first, solution architect second. During the last 11 years  I have tried to stay competent in both roles. However year on year we are asked to do more - engage with more organizations, increased technical account management, engage more with senior decision makers, work with more technologies. At the same time, more and more of the UK ISVs I engage with also have the option to get their development assistance from their Microsoft Partner Advantage Application Design Consultants (ADCs).

Ultimately something had to give - and after a two year battle I have elected to step away from development and focus on solutions architecture.

Although to be clear, Visual Studio 2005 (and "Orcas") will remain a must have install on my machines for many years to come 🙂

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  1. Eric Nelson one of Microsoft’s SaaS experts in the UK, who apparently gave up being a developer 🙂 shares,

  2. On May 7th (a little over a year ago) I posted "I surrender – I am no longer a developer…".

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