IIS 7 Developer Center

Given you can Go-Live with Beta 3, the next obvious question to a developer should be "Why would I bother?" We have a new Developer Center which attempts to answer that very question - with lots of detail about how you will get the best out of IIS 7.

The new Developer Center brings together in one place all the IIS7 articles, videos, samples and downloads - which is timely (almost planned you might say!) as IIS7 is the most developer-friendly Web server we have released:

  • .NET is deeply integrated into the major systems of IIS7 - configuration, management tools, diagnostics and processing pipeline.
  • ASP.NET services can be used against any kind of Web content, not just ASPX. 
  • A new FastCGI module means IIS is a scalable Web serving platform for PHP and other CGI applications
  • IIS7 is modular and completely customizable. You can add new HTTP processing modules or add-ons to the management stack, easily in native/managed code.
  • And finally, Windows client restrictions such as single site and 10 simultaneous connections have been removed making it easy for developers to work on Windows Vista but deploy on Windows Server "Longhorn". (might even pull this out as a separate post later on as I know it affects dev environments of several UK ISVs)
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