Want NDoc for Visual Studio 2005 – try Sandcastle?

I suspect this is old news for many but for the ISV I met just before my holiday it was new - hence I felt I should share more widely. In brief - NDoc was awesome for producing MSDN style documentation for your code - but didn't work with .NET Framework 2.0 code. Along came Sandcastle to the rescue - a solution which we were using internally to generate documentation which we have made available as a number of public CTPs - the latest being the March CTP. Find out more at the Sandcastle Blog and Wiki.

Comments (2)

  1. Rob says:

    I spent some time with this a few months ago – and it seems just as “not ready for primetime” as it was then.

    Is this going to get some serious attention at some point? This is a HUGE gap – we are stuck between waiting for this to evolve or pay big $$$ to buy a third-party tool that is highly proprietary and doesn’t do all the things we want…

    Any idea on how seriously this is being taken??

    ANSWER: Thanks for the feedback Rob. I have seen similar comments elsewhere – what do other folks think of Sandcastle? I will try and do some digging to find out more.

  2. At my session at Software Architect 2007 I plan to talk though the architecture of DinnerNow. Building

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