Cornwall, Chicken and Chips – I’m back

I am just back from a great weeks break in sunny Cornwall - which included some great "accidental" finds such as the cream teas at Goonhilly earth station, the cream teas at Pendennis castle, the cream teas at Mevagissey and...tbh, cream teas everywhere we could find them! The chips at Fowey were the best of the week but the chicken - well, that we saved until our return on the Saturday. While we were away our smallest hen Missy hatched out her first chick - Rona (or Ronin - it depends!) who is doing magnificently and is destined to grow to at least twice the height of her mum.

As for work -  well, that always seems to survive without me. I have just taken my Inbox down from 200ish posts to 30 or so - each a chunky action in its own right which should keep me going the rest of the week (as I have Wed and Friday off as well). Along the way I spotted a number of items which I thought would be worthy of sharing more widely - not to mention I find a few blog posts  help ease me back in. Watch this space...

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