Blogs for ISVs from Microsoft UK

My "target audience" for this blog is

  • Developers
  • Based in the UK
  • Who work for ISVs

My job (not too surprisingly!) is to work with developers in the UK who work for ISVs. There is a certain symmetry to this 🙂 But - what if you work for an ISV and you are not a developer or you simply want something better? Well I am pleased to say that we now have a number of other blogs that you may find of interest.

  • Claire does an excellent job with this new blog for partners and ISVs. Claire has just blogged about a great opportunity for UK ISVs to travel out to SE Asia as part of a trade mission.
  • is currently run by my manager Paul Murphy. It could well one day become our team blog - but in the meantime Paul does a good job of keeping an active stream of relevant posts.
  • As a team of engineers we do not select the ISVs we help (ok - actually to some extent we do - but I digress). Instead we have Partner Account Managers who manage portfolios of ISVs in different verticals. The team manager Steve Morrow has just kicked off this blog and wouldn't you know it - the third post is for a free Open XML Workshop which my team has laid on (actually the second post - once he figures out how to delete his first test post)
  • My team helps ISVS adopt our newest beta technology. There is another tech team that helps ISVs (and partners) win business using products and solutions built with shipping Microsoft technology. They have their own active blog which is well worth a look.
  • is a blog aimed at UK ISVs new to Microsoft who should be looking at the Empower program as their first step to partnering with us.

I have a feeling I have missed a couple.... hmmm... I will get back to you on that...

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