MSMQ 4.0 – yippee – Transactional Remote Receive

I started to discuss a proposed architecture with an ISV that included (potentially) MSMQ. The architecture we were discussing included Remote Receive from queues – something I had learnt in the early years of MSMQ to avoid at all costs (and instead we would implement a central dispatcher which read from the Q locally). 

TBH – I haven’t heard MSMQ mentioned much of late with so much talk around WCF and I was curious as to what we had added in MSMQ 4.0. The answer – some very useful bits including (drum roll….) Transactional Remote Receive.

And in case anyone was wondering, MSMQ and WCF are complimentary technologies – MSMQ 4.0 included key changes just to make it work great with WCF.

For more information, check out:

NB: For completeness – Biztalk servers MSMQ support included none transactional Remote Read from 2004 onwards . Again – I have not looked at what we did in Biztalk 2006 for MSMQ – but you can 🙂

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