MicroISV – remind me – what is one of them?

A couple of posts back I mentioned the term MicroISV - which led a few folks to ask me "Eric - tell me more".

A MicroISV is an ISV completely opposite to what I normally engage with but fortunately I have been able to follow/help a nearby MicroISV over the last year.

Erics typical ISV (and that of my team):

  • Been in existence many years and has 20 to 200 developers and plenty of sales and marketing folks.

A typical MicroISV (IMHO)

  • Been in existence a few months or years with 1 or 2 developers who are also the sales and marketing folks 🙂

Wikipedia has a woefully near empty stub page http://en.Wikipedia.org/wiki/Micro_ISV that sheds a little light. However to get a real feel for MicroISV head over to http://www.mymicroisv.com/ . This is Bob Walshes great blog + resources for MicroISV. Bob is a MicroISV and in becoming one wrote "Micro-ISV, From Vision to Reality".

Microsoft has increased its focus on engaging and helping smaller ISVs - from great resources to smart people who are keen to help. I will post a follow up soon which will expand on this.

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  1. Apologies for the late notice – but if you are a developer or architect working for an ISV in the UK

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