Applications built for Windows Vista and .NET Framework 3.0

Last Updated: Monday 19th February

The following are a compilation of great samples and demos of applications using the latest technologies from Microsoft. Inspired by a) I wanted such a list myself and b) Tim was already doing a lot of the heavy lifting!

I know I have lots missing - please add a comment if you know of .NET 3.0/Vistal Samples/Real World Applications

Real World UK Applications - you can use today!

  1. British Library "Turn the Pages" - XBAP, WPF. My post and Tims.

  2. ITN News Sidebar and Stand Alone Player - XBAP, Sidebar, WPF. My post

  3. Wikipedia WPF Exporer from DotNetSolutions. Download from here.

  4. UMusic Sidebar Gadget (Beta as of 13/1/06)

Real World Applications - you can use today!

Samples with Code

  1. - Using .NET 3.0, Cardspace, Sidebar, IIS7, Linq, Virtual Earth etc - just about everything

  2. Windows SDK .NET Framework 3.0 Samples

  3. Windows SDK Vista Samples

  4. WCF Samples from NetFX3

  5. WF Samples from NetFX3

  6. WPF Samples from NetFX3

  7. CodePlex .NET Framework 3.0 Samples

  8. 2D/3D Chess

Videos of Applications

  1. "best of the best" created before the launch Many are now publicly available applications.

The "better list than this" list
Pleased to say a much more complete list is now appearing at - although I think some are not great examples of WPF...



Comments (3)

  1. We already have several real world application released by our customers and partners which take advantage

  2. I have been attempting to maintain my own list of WPF Applications which also tries to call out UK efforts

  3. I delivered a session on Architecting the Next Generation of .NET Applications at

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