Nov 9th to January 16th – a story of hospitals, bed sores and ceiling watching

Back on Nov 9th I played Badminton - and.... snapped my Achilles Tendon. The day after I had an operation to repair the tendon, was set in a cast and.... so started the next 9 weeks of my life. The first 4 of which I spent pretty much in bed watching the TV or ceiling, dependent upon which was most interesting at the time! The following 3 weeks I spent with my foot up most of the day but moving around on crutches pretty well (handy - as my son broke his leg just before Christmas so I was kicked out of the guest bed downstairs and relegated to the sofa). Finally in the last 2 weeks the swelling has subsided, my tendon has gained some strength and motion and I'm beginning to sit without too much discomfort and hobble reasonably around the house without crutches. Physio starts later today and I'm hoping a month should see me walking without crutches. Work has pretty much been forgotten during the 9 weeks - as has this blog. But fear not my faithful (both of you!), from next week I plan to return to work. Technically that means I sit at my desk in the spare bedroom and find stuff to do that doesn't involve walking or driving - hence this blog should be back to "normal" - looking at new technology from Microsoft which ISVs can benefit from. Thanks for your patience, see you soon. Eric.

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  1. Glad to hear that you are on the mend. Just pleased that it was not due to a ride on a taxi roof 😉

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