Getting old – and the "if only i had read that first" syndrome

I have been quiet on my blog lately - in part due to holidays in October and November and in part due to a busy period at work. I was storing up lots of things I wanted to blog about and then on the last day of my holiday I ended up in Accident and Emergency of my local hospital with what turned out to be a ruptured Achilles tendon requiring an operation.

The hospital was fantastic (20 channel TV on the NHS - nice one!) but I am very pleased to now be back home - even if home seems to now be "just the ground floor" and appears a lot less "user friendly" than I remembered it. And here I am blogging at 11pm - typing this on a notebook wobbling on my chest as I lie in a sofa bed in the dining room with the rest of the household sound asleep. I guess it is easier to sleep without a great big cast on your foot and with the option to lie in a position other than "on your back"!

Apparently it will take 2 to 3 months to get back to "normal" - but I should know a lot more when I head back to the hospital in 2 weeks so they can check out their handywork. Which finally leads me to "if only I had read that first". I'm 39. In 39 years I have never read more than 50 words about Achilles tendons. If I had spent an hour reading a week ago I wouldn't be lying here now wondering "what else should I read before it is too late" 🙂


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