Vista and .NET Framework 3.0 Links from Overview Session

Just completed an overview session for some of our UK partners - and promised to quickly share the links from the session.

Updated to include Nicks links.

Windows Vista RC1 and .NET Framework 3.0 Downloads
My colleague Paul Andrew has a great post with the links: 

Workflow Links 

.NET Framework 3.0

MSDN Windows Vista Developer Center
Top-10 Ways to Light Up Your Windows Vista Applications 
Preliminary Windows Vista UX Guidelines 
Microsoft Gadgets 
Enterprise Planning Guide for Windows Vista PCs  
Using Application Compatibility Tools for Marking Legacy Applications with Elevated Run Levels on Windows Vista
Application Compatibility

Web Casts from Mix06
Preliminary Windows Vista UX Guidelines 
WPF Community Site (inc samples)
‘5 day course’ for getting up to speed on WPF
Free .Net Framework 3.0 training up until launch

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