Early impression of Windows Vista – a big improvement over Beta 2

At the end of last week I rebuilt my main Toshiba M3 notebook using Windows Vista RC1 and the Office 2007 Beta 2 Technical Refresh. Overall impression - great stuff! A big improvement over Vista Beta 2 - it feels slick, responsive and finished. Certainly easily capable of being my main machine. Currently I have only experienced one problem - the mouse pointer vanished after a restore from sleep. Turning on mouse trails on control panel brought it back! Quite amusing really as the mouse pointer was there - just not visible on the screen.

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  1. Daniel Moth says:

    I have the identical issue (and resolution) on my M5. Also happened when I connected to my external monitor.

    Had to turn trails off though when suddenly I got two mouse pointers. The real one and one just stuck in the middle of the screen!

    Only other issue is projecting where flicker-mania rules…

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