DevWeek 2007 – I will be there again – hope to see some familiar faces

Last year I presented at DevWeek in London - and thought the entire week was excellent. I would highly recommend it to UK developers and architects working on .NET technologies.  Block those dates out now - Feb 26th to March 2nd.

Last year I spoke on SQL Server 2005 technologies - this year it will be (probably!):

Architecting the next generation of .NET Applications
This session examines how to combine the newest components of the .NET Framework to architect a next generation solution for the Windows Platform. Technologies from the .NET Framework 3.0 such as WPF, WF, WCF and Cardspace are individually very powerful – but the real magic starts once you begin to see how they can be combined. The session will look at what works well and what does not and draws from our early adoption work over the last year with UK ISVs.

An Introduction to the Entity Framework and ADO.NET V3.0
A primary goal of the upcoming version of ADO.NET is to raise the level of abstraction for data programming, thus helping to eliminate the impedance mismatch between data models and between language. Two innovations that make this move possible are Language-Integrated Query and the ADO.NET Entity Framework. The Entity Framework exists as a new part of the ADO.NET family of technologies. This session will describe the ADO.NET Entity Framework, what problem spaces it is targeting and how its various components address those problems.

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