Imagine a world where…. rich applications could deploy and run side by side on your desktop with no issues! Nada! Zero! Zip!

A colleague of mine tried to explain to me late 2005 why should be hugely interesting to my ISVs. At the time I gave my best nod - and promptly blanked it from my mind. My mistake. This appears to be superb technology tackling issues faced by ISVs and customer IT departments alike. Namely - how can I easily provision 10s or 100s of rich desktop application to users easily and confidently.

Softricity allows:

  • Users to be easily assigned applications through active directory
  • The applications to be (smartly) steamed to the users desktop on first use and cached for future use
  • The applications to launch using virtualization technology to run in their own protected "sandbox" - yep you can run Office 97 alongside Office 2003!

This works for old apps built using native code - right through to the latest and greatest .NET Framework 2.0 applications. I am.... how can I put this .... excited.

I think the best place to start is by watching this 15minute demo.

Oh and did I mention - we intend to purchase Softricity. Nice one.

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