Are you UK based, old and slow – and fancy a little Monday night online gaming fun with us?

A few years back we had a nice little online PC FPS (if you read that as frames per second then read no further...) gaming club on Monday nights made up of a few UK Microsoft staff, real life friends and folks in ISVs we were working with. Since then we went our different ways, joining various clans, leagues, tournments etc.

A few weeks back we started our Monday club up again and chose a "neutral game" which turned out to be Counter Strike:Source. We are having a hoot - lots of well natured banter, name calling and dubious shooting. At the moment we have 7 of us, which seems to work out as 4 regulars. We would like to add a few more - and thats when I thought "what about my regular blog readers - maybe some of them would fancy a shot at taking me down with a shotty". Am I right? 🙂

If you are interested, pop a few words about your gaming self  my way. Thanks for reading...

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