Getting started with Windows Worklfow

During Feb I plan to set aside some time to explore Windows Workflow - and the great news is it would appear my timing is spot on 🙂 There are lots of resources out there now - articles, webcasts, blogs - and in the January CTP of WinFX we now have a Beta 2 release of Windows Workflow. The following are a few of the more useful resources to start to learn this technology:

Setting up a machine for Windows Workflow:

You can now build applications that make use of Windows Workflow - but where to start? Firstly you are not alone - there are plenty of folks already exploring this technology and sharing what they find. Take a look at the main site to see just how much is being written about Windows Workflow and the breadth of samples that already exist (NB: many are still for Beta 1) and a number of good blogs to check out.

For me I think the next step is to put the headphones on and have a listen to the recordings of the PDC sessions on Workflow. The following look the most useful to me:

I have also just ordered from Amazon "Presenting Windows Workflow Foundation" as I like the printed word when I start out on a new technology. I will let you know whether it proves to be useful - the sample chapters looked promising.

I also plan to have a run through this overview article on Windows Workflow - although it may well not work on Beta 2. I will just have to give it a whirl and see.

And finally - we have an update of the hands on labs for Beta 2 to download. I dare say I will be spending a fair bit of time with these.

Just a shame that my main work items in Feb are..... SQL Server 2005 related 🙁

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