UK ISV Community Day 7th Dec 2005 – my links for SQL and WinFX

UPDATED 12th Dec - slides are available at 

This post is mainly for the folks who attended todays ISV Community day - but - you may also find something useful here if you are interested in SQL Server 2005 or WinFX.

I have included here all the important links from my two sessions given it normally takes a while to make the decks available.

The Impact of SQL Server 2005 on Application Architecture:

Understanding the Next Wave

And finally - a big thank you to all that attended and the great questions. I know several of you will be emailing me - please be patient with me for a reply as I am crunched on time before I start my Christmas leave. I will get back to all of you in January if not before.

Oh - nearly forgot...

Merry Christmas

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