Getting started with WinFX using the November CTP

Interested in learning more about WinFX? Fancy trying a spot of development? Then read on...

The following would be one route:

  • Find a decent spec'd PC (1GHz +, 256MB RAM+, Windows XP) you don't care about OR create yourself a new Windows XP virtual machine using Microsoft Virtual PC
  • Install the WinFX Runtime Components Windows Presentation Foundation, Windows Communication Foundation, Windows Workflow Foundation 
  • Install the WinFX SDK to give yourself access to the documentation and command-line tools)
  • Take a look at WinFX RC Nov CTP Readme (general notes and warnings)
  • You can now view the documentation, extract and build samples - yeehaaaa 🙂

BUT - don't stop there...

The SDK has a lot of great samples to play with - but please note - not all work with the November CTP.

A great place to start is a spot of WPF with the sample XamlPad - search the SDK to download and build XamlPad

Comments (1)

  1. Dave Verwer says:

    Hi Eric

    While it might be good experience to compile XamlPad, you dont have to to get started with writing some Xaml because (at least when I installed it) it is already compiled and installed in:

    c:Program FilesMicrosoft SDKsWindowsv1.0binxamlpad.exe

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