Microsoft Design tools for WPF Explained

Following on from the event last week I did on WinFX, I have had a few people ask me “hey Eric, nice that you can do so much by just editing the XAML – but what exactly are Microsofts plans around designers for WPF”. We will have two designers – currently codename Sparkle and Cider….


UK ISV Community Day 7th Dec 2005 – my links for SQL and WinFX

UPDATED 12th Dec – slides are available at  This post is mainly for the folks who attended todays ISV Community day – but – you may also find something useful here if you are interested in SQL Server 2005 or WinFX. I have included here all the important links from my two sessions given…


WPF code snipperts not working for you under Nov CTP of WinFX – then check out the changes!

I just got caught by this one. I had some rather simple looking samples I planned to demo tomorrow – except – they didn’t work. One such example would be: <DockPanel  xmlns=”″ LayoutTransform=”scale 2″>         <Button Margin=”10″ Height=”200″ Width=”100″>             <StackPanel >                         <Image Source=”c:\milkshake.jpg”/>                         <TextBlock Margin = “10” TextAlignment=”Center”>Hi</TextBlock>             </StackPanel>             </Button>…


Download the WinFX Developer Reference Poster from PDC 2005

Just spotted we have the poster from the PDC available for download. It is useful to see how the .NET Framework 2.0 is evolving with WinFX – and is about to sit above my desk 🙂 You can download it from 


Your first light reading on WinFX

Are you brand new to WinFX and would like to just read a little about what it does and doesn’t do? Then take a look at these documents: The new user interface capabilities: Architectural Overview of the Windows Presentation Foundation Distributed communication: Introduction to Building Windows Communication Foundation Services Workflow enabling applications: Introducing Microsoft Windows…


Getting started with WinFX using the November CTP

Interested in learning more about WinFX? Fancy trying a spot of development? Then read on… The following would be one route: Find a decent spec’d PC (1GHz +, 256MB RAM+, Windows XP) you don’t care about OR create yourself a new Windows XP virtual machine using Microsoft Virtual PC Install the WinFX Runtime Components Windows Presentation Foundation, Windows…