That time has come…. goodbye SQL Server, hello WinFX!

For the last two years I have been working with UK ISV early adopters of SQL Server 2005 - a great product and a very fun two years. However come January 2006 my focus pretty much switches entirely to development for Windows Vista/WinFX and then later in the year I will also pick up Office 12 development. This blog has majored on SQL Server 2005 - but I feel with the launch safely behind us the time has come to switch the focus of this blog over from SQL Server to (initially) development with WinFX.

Hence a few changes.... the most obvious is the colour scheme. I have blatantly switched the theme to match that of my old colleague, friend and now evangelist for WPF Tim Sneath who has a great blog focused on WPF and WinFX

I have also archived off some of my lists - SQL Server Webcasts, Links, Training etc - to make way for new information about WinFX and Windows Vista.

I am extremely excited about WinFX - and at a more personal level the challenges of getting back into development with Visual Studio after a long break.

This won't be the place to visit if you are already well versed in WinFX - but if like me you are about to set out on the good ship WinFX (I was Merchant Navy a long while back!), then welcome aboard - I hope to see you around for sometime to come.

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