UK DevWeek – Feb 2006 – yep that is me

Hi all - just wanted to give DevWeek a plug. This is a great UK developer conference with a top notch set of speakers (oh - and me!) 

I would highly recommend you find some time/cash to attend if you are a developer in the UK. Well worth the effort.

Ah - which leads me nicely into my two topics and an ask for help. The ask is simple - Session One is about the impact on architecture of SQL Server 2005. Whilst I have a lot to draw on from our early adoption work I would welcome some more examples. Please drop me an email to  if you have examples of where you architected differently an application becuase of one or more features introduced in SQL Server 2005. Much appreciated.

Session One: Tuesday 11:30am.

Understand the impact of SQL Server 2005 on application architectures
Eric Nelson
SQL Server 2005 introduces many new technologies which can impact the architecture of applications. This session will introduce you to many of the key technologies, and discuss how they will potentially impact the architecture of the next application you build on SQL Server. Technologies such as Service Broker, XML Integration, CLR Integration, web services, TSQL Enhancements such as Encryption and Partitioning and data change notifications will be covered, and their impact on architecture explored.
This session is aimed at developers and application architects with experience of SQL Server 2000, who wish to understand the impact on application architecture of SQL Server 2005.

Session Two: Thursday 2pm

An introduction to Business Intelligence in SQL Server 2005
Eric Nelson
In this session we will take a look at the new features that SQL Server 2005 introduces for Business Intelligence. We will run through a “typical” scenario – turning “Data into Insight” for an existing transactional system. This will involve extracting data from an OLAP database into a data mart using Integration Services as our ETL tool, from which we will then construct a multi-dimensional cube using Analysis Services. Once the cube is in place we will query the information using MDX and present the results as reports delivered by Reporting Services, data bound Pivot Tables in Excel, and on the Web using Office Web Components.
This session is targeted at developers new to Business Intelligence, and assumes no past exposure to OLAP or Microsoft Analysis Services.

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