The future of Web Development? Windows Presentation Foundation on the Web

I just run my first two WPF applications – and as it happens they were delivered rather sweetly, with no fuss, no questioning dialogues, straight into the window of Internet Explorer via the Internet. The applications in question were WPF Clock and Web Paint Factory. Both are examples of  a “XAML Browser Application”, formally known as “Web…


That time has come…. goodbye SQL Server, hello WinFX!

For the last two years I have been working with UK ISV early adopters of SQL Server 2005 – a great product and a very fun two years. However come January 2006 my focus pretty much switches entirely to development for Windows Vista/WinFX and then later in the year I will also pick up Office 12 development. This…


Building client side reports with VS 2005

Many folks who use Reporting Services have asked me how to run reports independent of Reporting Services – typically from a Windows Form. They are then surprised and rather pleased to hear that we have infact added this capability into VS 2005 with the Report Viewer controls for Windows Forms and Web Forms. I just…


Intellisense for SQL Server 2005

I have been asked many times why we haven’t got Intellisense in SQL Server 2005 Query Analyzer – well – at least I now have a partial answer. Check out this little utility Early days for me – but I really like it. Let me know how you get on. I am working with…


Reminder – sign up for free Architecture magazine

Architecture is an important subject (as is beer and cars) and thankfully now has its own magazine (just like beer and cars) from Microsoft (I hasten to add we do not do the beer and car magazines) on this very subject. Actually we have had it for some while now – but I only just discovered how to…


UK DevWeek – Feb 2006 – yep that is me

Hi all – just wanted to give DevWeek a plug. This is a great UK developer conference with a top notch set of speakers (oh – and me!)  I would highly recommend you find some time/cash to attend if you are a developer in the UK. Well worth the effort. Ah – which leads…


UK Security event for Developers – December 1st

I know I am not alone when I say that as a (ex)developer I a) know relatively little about infrastructure and b) spend no where near as much time thinking about security as I should do. The good news is my colleagues are delivering a session that hopes to plug some gaps in my knowledge…


SQL Server 2005 certification exams are close

A lot of you have been asking about certification for SQL Server 2005 – the good news is we opened up two of the exams to Beta testing last week and now have plenty of info on our website – we are close. Check out