Los Angeles Microsoft PDC 2005 – thats me in the 15th row back from the stage :)

Hi all,

a small number of the Microsoft UK team were lucky enough to be given the opportunity to fly out to the PDC this week (http://msdn.microsoft.com/events/pdc/). I am now registered, have the bag, the t-shirt, already have the presents bought for the kids and.... I am  completely overwhelmed by how much material there will be covered this week. I am just creating "My Schedule" in "Internet Alley" - trying to decide which session to attend at which times. It is an impossible task!  I have 5+ sessions assigned to each slot!

My interests are pretty varied at the moment - which doesn't help. After 18 months or so focused on SQL Server 2005 (and spreasheet filling - yep - I have been program managing a lot) I have missed most of Visual Studio 2005 so I have a lot of catch up to do on this huge release. But the real prob is I also know my role from January 2006 will be working with UK ISV early adopters on Windows Vista and Office 12. So that makes three significant technologies to learn in one week.Gulp!

I hope to do a few short blogs during the week on stuff which really catches my eye - stay tuned.



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