Dog fooding SQL Server 2005 and VS.NET 2005

My work with SQL Server 2005 early adopters in the UK is broadly split into two  - 50% of my time spent around technology and 50% of my time spent around program management. The latter should really take a lot less time - but one of the challenges we have when we start to engage lots of companies is managing the interaction, recording who is doing what, handling training registrations etc. Microsoft have some generic tools that help us a lot - one of these being Sharepoint which I uses locally and the program (Ascend) uses worldwide. It is great. Easy to setup, easy to work with. BUT - the challenge is you end up with many Sharepoint lists that are all very independent - which is sprt of ironic for an early adopter program for an RDBMS.

Well.... I am very pleased to say that my colleague Roger Doherty who is tech lead worldwide has taken two weeks of his life to bring this data together ad generate a great portfolio of Reporting Services reports on SQL Server 2005 using VS.NET 2005. Fantastic. Oh and the "dog fooding" reference - I will leave that to Roger to explain: 🙂

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