SQL Server 2005 Training available now in the UK

I just noticed one of our training partners which I hear good things about  is offering SQL Server 2005 Training which is good news for the many folks active on Beta 2.

http://www.parity.net/Training/Courses/Outline/Detail.asp?Course=MS2733 3 days on updating dba skills to SQL Server 2005

http://www.parity.net/Training/Courses/Outline/Detail.asp?Course=MS2734 3 days on updating your development skills to SQL Server 2005

The other company I would recommend (from personal experience) is:

http://www.develop.com/training/course.aspx?id=180 5 days Essential SQL Server 2005 for Developers

We should see many other UK training companies offering SQL Server 2005 training now as the Microsoft Official Curriculum has now been made available to them.


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