Webcast: SQL Server 2005 – T-SQL & XML Enhancements, Thursday 30th September

Hi folks, I have been convinced to do one of these Webcast things 🙂

Be warned - I find the whole webcasting thing a little bit tricky (it is odd talking to the wall/family pet!) but you should still learn something about TSQL and XML despite me 😉 Hope to "see" plenty of you there - 10am UK time.

UPDATED (21st Oct) - you will now find the webcast archived at http://www.microsoft.com/uk/msdn/events/archive.aspx. Click on SQL and then look for the title TSQL.

(Originally: You can find details at https://msevents-eu.microsoft.com/cui/WebCastEventDetails.aspx?culture=en-GB&eventid=118750099)

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