Hello from rainy Seattle – and the eternal question “Steak or Salad…?”

Hi all, just to let you know I am on limited email/voicemail in the US this week. I am in Seattle to look at corp commissioned SQL Server 2005 training content which will be made available to our UK ISVs through a number of formats in the next 9 months. Looking good…

And what about “Steak or Salad…?”. I flew in yesterday and got to the hotel for 6pm – 2am UK time. My plan was to stay awake as long as I could – and hence as a group we decided we would hit one of the best steak houses in Seattle and then on to a bar. At 9pm (5am UK) I found myself …. ordering a light salad. At 10pm (6am) I was back in my hotel and sleeping. By 2am (10am UK) I was awake again. It is going to be a long day ……..

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