Free technical assistance for UK ISVs developing with betas of SQL Server 2005 and VS.NET 2005

In the UK I am technical lead on our activities with UK ISVs around SQL Server 2005 and my colleague Nick Page does the same for VS.NET 2005. We work with a pre-selected set of ISVs - but we each felt it would be beneficial to find space to bring in some additional ISVs that todate we have not yet worked with on early adopter programs. If you are looking hard at VS.NET 2005 and/or SQL Server 2005, you are an ISV that develops in the UK and you are also a Microsoft Certified Partner then it may well be worth your while to contact us.

So, if you meet the above criteria then contact me with a few words on your company and what you hope to do around these two products. We will then be in touch.

NOTE: Initially we are looking for a small number of companies so apologies if you don't make it. If we do see demand then we will try and scale up our activities for later in the year.

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