My 44 links to technical resources on SQL Server 2005

Ok - 101 links would be a much catchier title - but then that wouldn't be true 🙂

Working with UK ISVs on SQL Server 2005 Beta 1 I built up a fairly length list of links for SQL Server 2005 - everything from articles, to newsgroups, to webcasts and powerpoints. I have just spent a little time checking the links out/updating and they are now clean enough to share. Check out my SQL Server 2005 Technical Links.

When I find time I hope to create a couple of journeys (i.e. pick out the best and most relevant links) through this list. I hope to do it for:

  • SQL 2000 Developer new to SQL Server 2005

  • SQL 2000 DBA new to SQL Server 2005

  • .NET Developer with no SQL Server experience

  • Developer with no .NET Framework or SQL Server experience

Watch this space!

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