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I just came out of a session delivered by the .NET Framework team and while chatting to one of the presenters I know from way back the topic of getting feedback to the product groups from ISVs I work with came up. The guy was (quote) "super excited" by the recently created MSDN Feedback site  and asked me to do all I could to get the ISVs I work with to make use of this facility. So I just re-checked the site to see how things are going - looks pretty good to me. Suggestions are being picked up and bugs are being resolved for future builds. In turn users are being very responsible about posting bugs and working with Microsoft to get resolution. The stats look fine too:

In the last week:
- 196 suggestions files and 124 closed
- 293 bugs filed and 129 closed.

Admittedly that means we are not yet catching up with the rate you guys are adding - but definitely shows we are listening. I encourage you to take the time to register on the site and start giving your feedback - lets help keep the product team "super excited" 🙂

This is not a catch all site - it is about capturing and responding to feedback. If you have a security related issue then raise at If you are an ISV with a showstopper then check out your options at 

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