Asynchrony in C# 5, Part Three: Composition

I was walking to my bus the other morning at about 6:45 AM. Just as I was about to turn onto 45th street, a young man, shirtless, covered in blood ran down 45th at considerable speed right in front of me. Behind him was another fellow, wielding a baseball bat. My initial thought was “holy…


How to make little girls scream like… well, like little girls

[No technology today, so if you’re only here for the witty banter about programming languages, skip this one.] Leah and I spent the week before Halloween volunteering at Nightmare At Beaver Lake, a haunted-house-style attraction that runs along the trails in Beaver Lake Park, just on the other side of Lake Sammamish from Microsoft’s main…


Revenge of The Cycle Detector

Mike Schinkel takes even longer to get to the point than I do, and that’s saying something!  Mike tells a long story about another application of partial order sorts, and asks how to modify the partial order sort algorithm so that it has a new property.  Namely, in addition to returning a list ordered such…


Attack of the Undead Cycle Detector

My old friend Rob made some comments on yesterday’s post which deserve to be called out: Consider a software application that is extensible with plug-ins. If some of the plug-ins are dependent on others, then a partial sort is required to determine the order in which they are loaded so that errors can be prevented….