What To Do When The Source Control Server Is Down

I have not forgotten about my series on method type inference; rather, the contrary. I have been thinking hard about how to change method type inference to be more accurate in a hypothetical world with covariant and contravariant interfaces, and this has led me to dig in even deeper to the method type inference specification and implementation. I’ve…


Quotable Quotations, Part Three

I’m heads-down today trying to figure out a complicated new feature in Whidbey — working out the differences between the spec and the code is proving to be quite a challenge! — so today, another entry in my series on the wit and wisdom of the Visual Studio team: Movie allusions “This is established ‘Alien vs….


Quotable Quotations, Part Two

I’m tremendously excited to learn that Joel Silver is producing a sequel to “Dungeons and Dragons”.  That movie was one of the cheesiest, chewiest, goofiest and lowest-grossing episodes of Scripting Goes To The Movies ever, and that’s saying something.  Say what you will about the plot, acting, set design and special effects; they certainly did…


Quotable Quotations

When I was a teenager, I and a bunch of my more deviant friends would get together every Thursday evening and rent the most godawful horror movies we could find.  We kept a running log of the most unintentionally amusing dialog, such as: “I could easily kill you now, but I am determined to HAVE…