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A number of people have asked me questions like “can I quote your blog in my blog?”, “can I post your article in my wiki?”, “can I use this information in my MSDN Magazine article?” and so on. It is nice of you to ask, particularly since there is practically nothing I can do to…



 public interface IDeque<T>  {        T PeekLeft();        T PeekRight();        IDeque<T> EnqueueLeft(T value);        IDeque<T> EnqueueRight(T value);        IDeque<T> DequeueLeft();        IDeque<T> DequeueRight();        bool IsEmpty { get; } }   public sealed class Deque<T> : IDeque<T> {        private sealed class EmptyDeque : IDeque<T>        {            public bool IsEmpty { get { return true; } }            public IDeque<T> EnqueueLeft(T value) { return new SingleDeque(value); }           …


Original: When Are You Required To Set Objects To Nothing?

NOTE: I have significantly revised this article.  What you are reading now is the archive of the original posting.  The updated version is here   It’s getting into sailing/kite flying season in Seattle — that is, it’s light out after work again — and my home dev machine is presently busted (bad hard disk,…



#include “headers.h” HRESULT InvokeDispatch(IDispatch * pdisp, DISPID dispid, REFIID riid,    LCID lcid, WORD flags, DISPPARAMS * pDispParams, VARIANT * pvarResult,    EXCEPINFO * pExcepInfo, UINT * pError){    AssertReadPtr(pdisp);     HRESULT hr;     // We must addref the pointer before the invocation.  Why?  Consider    // this scenario:  the invocation calls a method which calls back    // into…



#ifndef INVOKE_H // {#define INVOKE_H extern HRESULT InvokeDispatch(IDispatch * pdisp, DISPID dispid, REFIID riid,    LCID lcid, WORD flags, DISPPARAMS * pDispParams, VARIANT * pvarResult,    EXCEPINFO * pExcepInfo, UINT * pError); extern BOOL IsValidDispatch(VARIANT * pvar); #endif // INVOKE_H }



#include “headers.h” Binder::Binder(){    DLLAddRef();    this->m_cref = 1;    this->m_thread = GetCurrentThreadId();} Binder::~Binder(void){    DLLRelease();} HRESULT Binder::Create(Binder * * ppBinder){    AssertOutPtr(ppBinder);     *ppBinder = new Binder();    if (NULL == *ppBinder)        return E_OUTOFMEMORY;     return S_OK;} // IUnknown STDMETHODIMP_(ULONG) Binder::AddRef(void){    return InterlockedIncrement(&this->m_cref);} STDMETHODIMP_(ULONG) Binder::Release(void){    long cref = InterlockedDecrement(&this->m_cref);    if (0 == cref)        delete this;    return cref;} STDMETHODIMP Binder::QueryInterface(REFIID riid,…



#ifndef BINDER_H // {#define BINDER_H class Binder : public IDispatch{ protected:     class Name    {    public:         Name();        ~Name();                HRESULT SetValue(VARIANTARG * pvar);        HRESULT GetValue(VARIANT * pvar);        BOOL IsFunction(void);        HRESULT ExecuteFunction(UINT cArgs, VARIANTARG * rgvarArgs, VARIANT * pvarResult);         VARIANT m_var;    }; public:     static HRESULT Create(Binder * * ppBinder);     // IUnknown    STDMETHOD(QueryInterface)(REFIID…



#ifndef NAMEDITEMLIST_H // {#define NAMEDITEMLIST_H class NamedItemList{ private:     class NamedItem    {    private:         NamedItem();     public:         ~NamedItem();        static HRESULT Create(const WCHAR * pszName, NamedItem * * ppNamedItem);            NamedItem * m_pNext;         BSTR m_bstrName;        DWORD m_flags;         BOOL IsPersistent();        void Reset();    };     NamedItemList();    NamedItem * Find(const WCHAR * psz);    Mutex * m_pMutex;   …



#include “headers.h” NamedItemList::NamedItemList(){    this->m_cBuckets = 0;    this->m_Buckets = NULL;    this->m_pMutex = NULL;} NamedItemList::~NamedItemList(){    this->Clear();    if (NULL != this->m_Buckets)        delete[] this->m_Buckets;    if (NULL != this->m_pMutex)        delete this->m_pMutex;} HRESULT NamedItemList::Create(int cBuckets, NamedItemList * * ppNamedItemList){    AssertOutPtr(ppNamedItemList);    Assert(cBuckets > 0);     HRESULT hr;    int iBucket;    NamedItemList * pNamedItemList = NULL;     *ppNamedItemList = NULL;     pNamedItemList = new…



#include “headers.h” Mutex::Mutex(){    m_fInitialized = FALSE;} HRESULT Mutex::Create(Mutex * * ppMutex){    AssertOutPtr(ppMutex);     HRESULT hr;    BOOL fSuccess;    DWORD error;    Mutex * pMutex = NULL;     pMutex = new Mutex();    if (NULL == pMutex)    {        hr = E_OUTOFMEMORY;        goto LError;    }     fSuccess = InitializeCriticalSectionAndSpinCount(&pMutex->m_criticalsection, 0);    if (!fSuccess)    {        error = GetLastError();        hr = HRESULT_FROM_WIN32(error);        goto…