A new fabulous adventure

Tomorrow, the 30th of November, 2012, is the first day of my fifth decade here on Earth, and my last day at Microsoft. (*) I’ve been working at Microsoft full-time since 1996 and had two years of internships before that. Microsoft is an awesome company. We do great work here: work that changes the way…


More Boring Metablogging

Hey everyone, those of you who read this blog on the main MSDN page rather than via your own RSS reader have probably noticed that the new default themes went live yesterday. I am aware that the new theme does not make particularly efficient use of precious screen real estate. I am a cargo cult…


Sorry about the CAPTCHA

A quick metablogging note. Those of you who comment on this blog (6700+ comments and counting, thank you all) have probably noticed that it now has a CAPTCHA, that little “please prove you’re a human” test before the comment is posted. I understand why. The MSDN and TechNet blog sites are high-value targets for unwanted…


Fabulous Adventures In Russian

I am pleased to announce that a bunch of our Russian MVPs who (1) are awesome people and (2) apparently have some free time on their hands, have started translating this blog into Russian, of all things. So if you want some Фантастичные приключения на русском, check it out! http://blogs.msdn.com/ruericlippert/default.aspx Thanks to all the Russian…


When Five Hundred Posts You Reach

… look this good you will not. But man, I tell you, the memory goes. In the July 1985 issue of Fantasy and Science Fiction, Isaac Asimov wrote: Yesterday I sat down to write my 321st essay for Fantasy and Science Fiction. […] It went swimmingly. I was pleased at the ease with which I…


Boring Metablogging, Part Two

I try to not blog about blogging. Metablogging is boring. The last time I blogged about blogging was on the subject of “Can I take your blog post and republish it?” My answer then was “yes… but”. That is, yes, but please tell me, please do not maliciously quote me out of context, please link…


Aargh! Part Eight, plus Boring Metablogging

Q: What’s a pirate’s second favourite mode of transportation? A: A caaaaargh! Preferably a Jaguaaaaargh, but an early Oldsmobile Cutlass will do. Q: Very amusing — but what’s a pirate’s favourite mode of transportation? A: A pirate ship, silly. Gripe #10: Don’t use _alloca _alloca allocates memory off the stack instead of the heap. It’s very convenient…


Once More Into The Breach

This is the new home of Eric Lippert’s Fabulous Adventures In Coding. Eventually the content from http://blogs.gotdotnet.com/ericli will be moved over here


Heads up: Fabulous Adventures will be moving

A number of people have pointed out to me over the last few months that this blog server is a little flaky.  There are occasionally “out of memory” errors and other failures reported, sometimes my posts fail to actually propagate to the server properly, and so on.    FYI, some time over the next month…


Fabulous Adventures!

Hi there. Welcome to my blog. This introduction was last updated in 2011. Who is this guy? I’m Eric Lippert, a developer in the Visual Studio team at Microsoft. I have been in the developer division full time since 1996 and was an intern for a couple of years before that. In my years at…