A new fabulous adventure

Tomorrow, the 30th of November, 2012, is the first day of my fifth decade here on Earth, and my last day at Microsoft. (*) I’ve been working at Microsoft full-time since 1996 and had two years of internships before that. Microsoft is an awesome company. We do great work here: work that changes the way…


Fabulous Adventures in C# and VSTO

I am incredibly excited, but a little sad too. 1295 days ago I attended a rather hastily-called meeting in which the senior management of the Visual Studio team announced that the Microsoft Office Developer, VBA and Scripting teams would be reorganized into a new team dedicated to the proposition that professional developers who use Office…


Can you fix my computer?

Joe Bork comments on things people ask when they find out you work for Microsoft.  Me, I get the same three over and over. 1)     Are you a millionaire?  (This one crops up less often since the dot com bust.) 2)     Do you know Bill Gates? 3)     Can you fix my computer? For the record,…


Welcome to blogs.msdn.com.

I’m pleased to announce that the good people at MSDN and the good people at ASP.net have worked together to set up a special site for Microsoft bloggers like myself.  http://blogs.msdn.com is a new site hosted by http://weblogs.asp.net.  (Either prefix will work for this blog, so don’t feel like you’ve got to go changing your…


Once More Into The Breach

This is the new home of Eric Lippert’s Fabulous Adventures In Coding. Eventually the content from http://blogs.gotdotnet.com/ericli will be moved over here


The Most Boring Story Ever

The other day a reader suggested:        Make a blogentry about how you started at MS and so on!   You asked, but I’m warning you: it’s the most boring story ever.   I grew up in Waterloo , Ontario , which was a piece of luck as Waterloo has the best computer science…


Fabulous Adventures!

Hi there. Welcome to my blog. This introduction was last updated in 2011. Who is this guy? I’m Eric Lippert, a developer in the Visual Studio team at Microsoft. I have been in the developer division full time since 1996 and was an intern for a couple of years before that. In my years at…