It’s still essential!

I am pleased to announce that Essential C# 5.0 by Mark Michaelis, and, new for this edition, yours truly, is available for pre-order now. It will be in stores in early December. As long-time readers of this blog know, I was one of the technical editors for Essential C# 4.0 and Essential C# 3.0. Mark…


GUID Guide, part one

What is a GUID? The acronym stands for “globally unique identifier”; GUIDs are also called UUIDs, which stands for “universally unique identifier”. (It is unclear to me why we need two nigh-identical names for the same thing, but there you have it.) A GUID is essentially a 128 bit integer, and when written in its…


A C# Reading List

Just a couple of quick links today. First: One of the questions I get most frequently is “can you recommend some good books about learning to program better in C#?” The question is usually asked by a developer; the other day I was surprised to get that question from one of the editors of InformIT….


Big head, long tail

Here’s a graph of the population size of the one hundred largest urban areas in Canada: (Click on the graph for a larger version.) Notice how there is an enormous spiky “head” on this graph: Toronto, Montreal and Vancouver are quite large cities by any measure. Then there is an immediate sharp drop to a…


The Annotated Fourth Edition is available

A brief digression from C# 5 to talk about C# 4: the annotated C# 4 specification is now available in book form from Addison-Wesley. It is of course handy to have a specification in book form, particularly if you’re going to while away the hours with the book sitting by a warm fire. (It’s hundreds…


Teach Yourself C# In… how long?

Earlier this year I was the technical editor of “Teach Yourself Visual C# 2010 in 24 Hours” by Scott Dorman, and I am pleased to announce that it is available in stores now. Scott has pretty much completely rewritten this from the previous edition to ensure that it is totally up-to-date for C# 4. If…


It’s Essential!

My copy of Essential C# 4.0 just arrived, and it looks great. I was one of the technical reviewers of this book. Some books are a pain to edit, but the Essential C# series is one of my favourites. It totally lives up to its name; it really does give you lots of essential information…


A Book By Any Other Name Would Smell As Sweet

As you might have gathered from my previous posts on the subject, I occasionally edit technical books as a hobby. It’s nice having a hobby that pays money instead of costing money. And I always learn something from every book. Many years ago, on one of my first editing gigs, the editor asked me my…


VSTO Book News

I am pleased to announce that my co-author Eric Carter has made significant updates to our VSTO book. (Though I notice with chagrin that one of the changes is that the title is much shorter than it ought to be.) It is not yet available in bookstores but will be soon. The new parts of…


References are not addresses

[NOTE: Based on some insightful comments I have updated this article to describe more clearly the relationships between references, pointers and addresses. Thanks to those who commented.] I review a fair number of C# books; in all of them of course the author attempts to explain the difference between reference types and value types. Unfortunately,…