Eric Rambles On About C#, Again

Rachel Roumeliotis, who amongst other things edits C# books for O’Reilly, recently did an interview with me where I ramble on about async/await, Roslyn, performance analysis as an engineering discipline, and some broad-strokes ideas for future language research areas. If you have sixteen minutes to burn, check it out! The O’Reilly Radar blog post is…


Happy birthday Channel 9!

Good heavens I can’t believe it’s been two years since I wished Channel 9 a happy fifth birthday. Obviously it’s been a busy month for me doing interviews. If you’re not sick of hearing me rattling on about compilers, Roslyn, and so on, check out my latest C9 interview with Charles and Erik Meijer.


Spoiler Alert

The remaining video of the talk with Neal Gafter and me at NDC is up on the streaming content server now, here. However, spoiler alert: if you don’t want to know the solutions to the eight puzzles we present, don’t watch the video. Of course, long time readers of this blog have probably seen about half of them…



I’ve just returned from a week in Oslo, Norway, where I spoke at NDC 2010, immediately following a week in New Orleans, where I spoke at TechEd. I’m about nine hours jetlagged and glad to be home, though I had a lovely time. Many thanks in particular to all the NDC organizers who made it all…


Live from New Orleans

Just a quick note that Mads, Luke and I are going to be on Channel 9 Live from TechEd  this afternoon talking about C#, F# and whatever else strikes our fancy. It’s live video; anything can happen. Tune in to; we’re scheduled to be on at 3:30 PM Central Daylight Time. (There has been…


Some new videos

Somehow it has happened again; people just keep on recording videos of me and putting them on the internet. In these videos you find out what I look like when lit from above and behind. Kinda spooky. We should have made the room entirely dark and held a flashlight underneath my face. That would be,…


Many Happy Returns

Happy birthday Channel Nine! In this episode I finally discover why it is that Charles picked me to be the guinea pig, and I wax verbose on the subject of human brains.  


The Future of C#, Part Three: On video, plus the dead-trees edition

Amazingly enough, it has happened again. Why does this keep happening to me? Anders, Mads and Eric on C# 4.0: C# 4.0 with Anders Hejlsberg, Mads Torgersen, and Eric Lippert – Part 1 of 2 C# 4.0 with Anders Hejlsberg, Mads Torgersen, and Eric Lippert – Part 2 of 2 Anders, Mads and Scott on…


A Face Made For Email, Part Four

Good heavens, this just keeps on happening to me. If you’re interested in what we’re musing about for future versions of C#, check out this video of Anders Hejlsberg, Scott Wiltamuth, Paul Vick, Mads Torgersen, Matt Warren, Jim Hugunin and, off in one corner, me. Working with this caliber of people every day is a…