Dot NET Rocks!

We interrupt our series on compound assignment operators with a quick note to say check out my interview on .NET Rocks!

We have a long, rambling conversation about languages, tools, AI, you name it. 

Thanks to Carl and Richard for the interview; I enjoyed it immensely.

(Incidentally, the reason at the beginning I said "And this is a very special pi day because... oh wait, no it isn't" is because mere moments before the interview a friend had sent me a calendar meeting request saying "this is a very special pi day, 3/14/15".  Of course the calendar item was post-dated four years into the future. Apparently it was very important to her that I get this into my calendar well in advance. And so of course this completely bogus information was fresh in my brain, and popped out of my mouth before I thought about it. Clearly I should engage brain before mouth.)

Comments (5)

  1. configurator says:

    Finally an explanation for that picture!

  2. Andy Webdev says:

    Sadly we won't be able to celebrate this in the UK as 31/4/15 isn't a real date. Curse you Localis(z)ation!

  3. Bill P. Godfrey says:

    ISO standard PI day won't be until 3141-5-9

  4. Mark Lysaght says:

    In Europe that pi date is going to have to be a couple of weeks later, on the 31st of April 2015 . . . ah cr@p!

  5. Jonas says:


    First: You MUST get back to work on JavaScript.

    I'm listening to you talking about "refactoring and extract method". I'm going to be a smart ass and tell you DON"T allow ANY ref's or out's…. period…

    Thanks for a great blog!


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