Spoiler Alert

The remaining video of the talk with Neal Gafter and me at NDC is up on the streaming content server now, here. However, spoiler alert: if you don't want to know the solutions to the eight puzzles we present, don't watch the video.

Of course, long time readers of this blog have probably seen about half of them already; we mined the blog for topics.

This was a fun session; we actually got audience participation from Scandinavian developers, which according to the Scandinavian trainers I talked to beforehand is not always the easiest thing to do.

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  1. Jon Skeet says:

    There's also a BitTorrent version available: dl.dropbox.com/…/NDC2010%20Sessions.torrent

    57GB to download, IIRC.

    And yes, I can thoroughly recommend the Puzzlers session. I'm ashamed to say I failed on the last puzzle – but only that one.

  2. configurator says:

    You don't have to download the entire 57 GB though – you can choose what you like!

  3. Fede says:

    Is there a "click here to download now" link anywhere? Couldn't watch it with Chrome, and also had trouble with IE. I've never used torrent, so I don't know how to download the thing.

    Any suggestions that don't involve opening ports in firewalls or proxies would be very appreciated.


  4. jonskeet says:

    @Fede: Yes, you should be able to download in Chrome from the streaming site. It will complain that it's not supported (for the purposes of streaming) if you visit streaming.ndc2010.no/tcs and find the video there. (Just search for Lippert.) There's a download link on the right, and you can choose from two formats.

  5. Joren says:

    So if we don't want to know the solutions to the puzzles, we shouldn't watch the video. But how would we know what the puzzles are without watching the video?

  6. Nic says:

    @Joren: pause the video before they give the solution. in most cases there was enough time without pausing.

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