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Just a quick note that Mads, Luke and I are going to be on Channel 9 Live from TechEd  this afternoon talking about C#, F# and whatever else strikes our fancy. It's live video; anything can happen. Tune in to; we're scheduled to be on at 3:30 PM Central Daylight Time. (There has been some confusion on this point; I note that Central Daylight Time is a time zone that is not Eastern, Mountain or Pacific time.)

Check it out; there is already a tonne of great video there.

UPDATE: The video is archived here:

Fast forward to 4 hours 25 minutes in.


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  1. Jon Skeet says:

    Does "Central Daylight Time" even count as a time zone? It's sort of *half* a time zone. I've never got to grips with the terminology around this… I think of "Europe/London" as a time zone, which spends half the time in GMT and half the time in BST. If anyone knows of the proper terminology for this, I'd be interested to know it for the sake of Noda Time documentation.

    Bah, we should all just be on UTC.

  2. Svick says:

    For those not from the US: 15:30 CDT is 20:30 UTC.

  3. Steven says:

    I agree with Jon. We should all use UTC. Saves us a whole lot of troubles.

  4. Anthony P says:

    Time zones are good. Daylight savings time and the twice annual shifting of the clocks => not so much. Bring back the meaning of "midday" or "noon" and "midnight." Let high noon actually be high noon. Who wants to write the spec for our current clock?

  5. Bob says:


    If we are all ON UTC, it defeats the purpose of time zones. If I have to be at work at 0800 UTC I'm getting up in the middle of the night. That would really mess up everyone's body clocks.


    USING UTC in communications is fine. Everyone would become experts at converting their local time To/From UTC.

    DST makes everything more difficult for things that are triggered by times tied to dates.  

  6. Jon Skeet says:

    Yes, it would defeat the purpose of time zones – it would eliminate time zones. Why would you have to be at work at 0800 UTC? You'd go to work at 1200 UTC or something like that. Admittedly "today" and "tomorrow" become awkward.

    But yes, as noted elsewhere: just getting rid of DST and communicating in UTC would help a lot.

    So, 3 more hours before Eric's video… just how far off topic do you think we can get? 😉

  7. Anthony P says:

    3.5 more hours from now, actually. It's only not-so-high noon in New Orleans right now.

  8. Jon Skeet says:

    @Antony: Doh – how embarrassing. I'm so used to living in UTC for half the year that I forgot to adjust Svick's time to BST.

  9. carlos says:

    @Jon Skeet: Mainland Europe and London are in different time zones.

  10. Joren says:


    Indeed. Most of Europe is CEST at the moment (see the map at…/Time_zones_of_Europe), and otherwise CET.

  11. Michael says:

    @Bob "If I have to be at work at 0800 UTC I'm getting up in the middle of the night. That would really mess up everyone's body clocks."

    That sounds a lot like one of the usual arguments for Daylight Saving Time.  Why don't people realize that it's a lot easier to change your standard working hours than it is to change all the clocks and deal with the problems that time zone (and especially DST) differences cause?

    As for international online events like a video streaming live from TechEd, they should always be given in UTC and optionally also in the local time of the event.

  12. Joren says:

    We don't all need to use the UTC+0 timezone, but at least use the UTC notation! I don't know what Pacific, Mountain, Central and Eastern time are, just as almost no one would know what Yakutsk Time and Macau Standard Time is. Just say "the event is at 5:45 PM (UTC-7)" and everyone can figure things out, without having to look up the various special rules for timezones they've never used before.

    I'm also always wondering what it means, for example, for Michael to post his comment at 8 Jun 2010 3: 57 PM. Has that been adjusted to my local timezone, is this Pacific Time, or some other zone? Would the time change with daylight saving time, or not? Most importantly, how do I tell? (Posting a comment so that I have a timestamp is hardly satisfactory.)

  13. Eric, you need to get back here – we're already discussing time zones! 🙂

  14. I missed it — does anybody have a link to a recording?

  15. Joren says:

    Found it here:…/Day2

    Starting at the 4 h 25 min mark.

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