Fabulous Adventures In Russian

Peter the Fabulous? I am pleased to announce that a bunch of our Russian MVPs who (1) are awesome people and (2) apparently have some free time on their hands, have started translating this blog into Russian, of all things. So if you want some Фантастичные приключения на русском, check it out!


Thanks to all the Russian MVPs and particularly to developer evangelist Gaidar Magdanurov for organizing and overseeing this effort.

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  1. pminaev says:

    Ah, but they don’t know what they truly miss – all the snarky comments! 😉

  2. Alek Davis says:

    I think the correct translation should be “Фантaстические приключения на русском” (I would’ve said “Невероятные приключения”).

    Thanks — obviously I do not actually speak Russian. I’m just going with what the babel fish gives me. I’ll fix the text. — Eric

  3. configurator says:

    Personally I don’t think technical blogs should be localized. But it’s still nice to have it translated, I guess. I can’t I’d prefer a translated version over the original though.

  4. Mike Scott says:

    Shouldn’t that be "…на русском"?

  5. fred says:

    It certainly helps.  Because now technical blogs are full of american cultural context, e.g. “Alas, Smith and Jones “, “Marbury v. Madison”, “The Mythical Man-Month”.

    First off, most Americans will not get the reference to “Alas Smith and Jones” either; it was a British sketch comedy show which was not widely known in the United States. And second, I try to make sure that cultural references are used only for “colour” or humour; I try to ensure that the reader is not required to understand the reference to get the point. — Eric

  6. Sinclair says:

    Oh, yeah. Guys, please be so kind – leave a copy of every comment in Russian at the corresponding location; the Russian dev community would appreciate that very much.

    Sorry, I’m unable to translate the comments at the same pace you place them! Thanks.

    Thank you Eric for your blog – translating it is a challenge and a true fun.

  7. estee says:

    Great news! (Not that i would prefer a localised stuff, but still it does mean that Eric’s mind fruits gotta go mainstream =) Curious, will they care to do a retrospective translations — these JS-related posts back in 2004-2005 were true gems.

    BTW, FAiC are now on msdn.microsoft.com frontpage.

  8. Denis says:

    It would also be fun if some of the Russian-language blogs were translated to English. As far as I know, many awesome Russian-speaking people are not better in English than most of the authors of the aforementioned “snarky comments” are in Russian, but they still have a lot to say that’s worth understanding…

    Also, it’s good to see Peter the Great as an image associated with Russia and the Russians, as opposed to Stalin, Lenin, KGB and vodka that has been a pop-culture cliche fo so long. 🙂 If this trend continues, one of these days Hollywood will make a movie where a Russian is NOT a villain, nor a pathetic creature: won’t that be a change! :-))

    What about Pavel Chekov, in Star Trek? Big Hollywood movie, heroic supporting character, “funny” Russian accent. — Eric

  9. > Oh, yeah. Guys, please be so kind – leave a copy of every comment in Russian at the corresponding location

    Still won’t help – the best part of it is actually Eric’s pedantic (in a good sense of this word) replies to snarky comments. Unless you’re willing to translate those as well…

    The good sense of pedentry? I only have one thing to say about that: http://www.goats.com/archive/020826.html — Eric


  10. Welcome to the 49th edition of Community Convergence. The big excitment of late has been the recent release

  11. Я рад объявить о том, группа наших MVP из России, которые(1) замечательные люди и (2) явно не слишком

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