What Would Tufte Do?

What is this a chart of? I'll post the answer tomorrow.

mysterious chart

UPDATE: Someone has already correctly deduced the answer. (And man, that was fast!) So don't read the comments if you don't want spoilers.


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  1. carlos says:

    Tufte would sell you an expensive book on labelling charts.

    My first guess was blogs readers in thousands per day.  But the picture is called “When five hundred posts you reach” so it’s more about your posting.  It’s not posting frequency (which helpfully appears on the right).  Is it days between posts?

    Holy goodness, I did not expect a winner right out of the gate. Nice job! — Eric

  2. DRBlaise says:

    It can’t be just a simple days between posts because the max is around 15 and there have been longer times between posts.

    Is it a 20 post rolling average of days between posts?

    It is! Nicely done. Did you deduce the 20 somehow, or did you guess? — Eric

  3. DRBlaise says:

    I deduced the 20 from the start date of 9/19/2003 on the chart, which is the day after the 20th post.

  4. jcoehoorn says:

    So that would make this #499, so tomorrow’s answer can be #500?

    Correct. Though there is one small seeming discrepancy; this is the 498th available posting on this blog but it is actually the 499th posting. I’ve deleted one post. — Eric

  5. Lucas says:

    Do you count you about page as a blog post?

  6. Dean Harding says:

    Heh, that’ll teach you for leaving clues in the URL of the image 🙂

  7. Zian Choy says:

    I have a professor who once gave a critical image in an algorithm the wrong name; it cost me at least 3 hours of wasted time (it was a modulo equality).

  8. configurator says:

    Which post did you delete? Sounds interesting!

    The one where I said “The Visual Studio Languages team is now hiring, please send me your resume” that I posted 24 hours before senior staff of said team announced that we had no more headcount budget and were therefore in a hiring freeze. I wanted to get the misleading page off the internet as soon as possible. — Eric

  9. Sid says:

    Tufte might suggest choosing "an aspect ratio that centers the absolute values of the slopes of the selected line segments on 45 degrees" (from "Visual Explanations" p. 25). In other words, decrease the height of the y-axis. This might make visual interpretation of trends easier.

  10. Что это за график? Ответ размещу завтра. UPDATE: Кое-кто уже вывел правильный ответ. (И это было реально

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