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vsto2007I am pleased to announce that my co-author Eric Carter has made significant updates to our VSTO book. (Though I notice with chagrin that one of the changes is that the title is much shorter than it ought to be.) It is not yet available in bookstores but will be soon.

The new parts of the book (which I did no work on at all, this one is Carter's baby!) cover the 3.0 version of VSTO in great detail; if you're looking for the definitive work on the subject, this is it.

See Eric Carter's blog for more details to come.

Comments (3)

  1. Jeff Parker says:

    Cool, I really enjoyed the last one, one thing I would love you guys to add is Power Point, maybe in the next one. One of the most common request I get is, "I have this spreadsheet with all these charts and so on. I would love to just put a button and have all the charts just go and build me a power point presentation."

    I have not been able to do it in .net yet but have made a VB macros that takes named ranges and so on and puts them all into power point.

    But all my other VSTO stuff works great because of the last version.

  2. Dean Harding says:

    I just looked at your original title, and I just had a thought… shouldn’t it be Microsoft *Office* Excel, Microsoft *Office* Word and Microsoft *Office* Outlook?

    Actually, according to http://www.microsoft.com/about/legal/trademarks/usage/office.mspx it seems the "Office" bit is optional. But it would’ve made for an even longer (and therefore better) title.

  3. John Wilson says:

    Yes, I’ll agree that we need a good PowerPoint book for VSTO.

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