The Future of C#, Part Three: On video, plus the dead-trees edition

Amazingly enough, it has happened again. Why does this keep happening to me?

Anders, Mads and Eric on C# 4.0:

C# 4.0 with Anders Hejlsberg, Mads Torgersen, and Eric Lippert - Part 1 of 2

C# 4.0 with Anders Hejlsberg, Mads Torgersen, and Eric Lippert - Part 2 of 2

Anders, Mads and Scott on the new dead-trees edition of the C# 3.0 specification:

The C# Programming Language, 3rd Edition


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  1. Perhaps a career in the movies beckons?!… I for one do have to say I find you very engaging and super-‘quick off the mark’ in the videos you do, you communicate ideas and concepts well without stuttering which is a pet peeve of mine about tech vids I’ve seen.

    My whole opinion on this may, however, be utterly skewed by my utter obsession with C# compilerdom… 🙂

  2. Eric Lippert says:


    Everyone is their own worst critic; when I see recordings of myself right next to Anders, of course I can’t help but come up short. Anders is a very engaging and experienced speaker.

    Stay tuned, we’ve got more C# compiler team video coming on Channel Nine.

  3. Hi. I just discovered your blog.

    Any chance of a default functional collection library for .NET? Just functional equivalents to all the collections in System.Collections.Generic? Call it System.Collections.Immutable or something.

    I am working on a large project where we actually wrote our own functional collection library. One data structure I am very proud of is a HashSet based on a crit bit tree. We use it to implement Sets and Maps. The good thing is that your keys do not have to implement IComparable<T>. It is also much more efficient than an AVL tree.

    We are using struct wrappers for the three basic data types Set<T>, Map<K,V> and List<T>, so you do not have to initialize them or check for null. An uninitialized Set<T> is equivalent to Set<T>.Empty.

  4. int19h says:

    Just steal those bits from F#…

  5. Motti says:

    I keep getting timeout problems trying to download these files (they’re HUGE). Is there someplace else I can grab these files?

  6. Welcome to the 47th Community Convergence. We had a very successful trip to PDC this year. In this post

  7. Very good resources for the coming version… Sam Ng Dynamic in C# Part One Dynamic in C# Part Two Chris

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