Free Food! And Meet The Compiler Guy! And Win an XBOX 360!

FYI, I will be live and in person available for questions about C# 3.0, working at Microsoft, relationship advice or anything else you want to talk to me about at the following times and locations:

Monday February 5th, 7:00 to 9:00 PM
University of Waterloo
Davis Centre "fishbowl" room 1301

Wednesday February 7th, 12:00 to 3:00 PM
Carnegie Mellon University
Roberts Hall, Singleton Room

There will also be representatives from Office, XBOX, Mobility, Windows Shell, Internet Explorer, the Secure Windows Initiative and Microsoft recruiting present should you want to tear yourself away from the discussion of the intricacies of the new type inference algorithm and talk about ribbons or whatever those other teams do.

I will be the one with the whiteboard; everyone else will have, you know, computers. Programming language design is more amenable to chalk talks than flashy demos after all.

There will be free food and we'll be giving away an XBOX 360, Windows Mobile SmartPhones, and of course highly coveted "C# superhero" T-shirts.

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  1. Welcome to the twentieth Community Convergence. I’m Charlie Calvert, the C# Community PM, and this is

  2. Cameron Zwarich says:

    The event was great. As always, there were some who showed up for the free food, but the chalk talk was well worth wading through the sea of people.

  3. Hey all, sorry for the long time between posts; I have been crazy busy recruiting , interviewing, fixing

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