Book Signing at the PDC

It's a week until PDC! Very exciting. Unfortunately I'm not going this year but my coauthor and erstwhile lead Eric Carter will be there, along with Misha Shneerson and Andrew Whitechapel. He'll be talking about VSTO 2.0 (the about-to-be-released product) and you can also see a sneak preview of early VSTO 3.0 work running against Office 12. All the VSTO session details are on Eric's blog.

Eric will also be signing copies of our book. We haven't even seen copies yet! The ink will probably still be wet at the PDC.

And of course, Anders will be talking about the new C# 3.0 features coming up, which is good, because then I'll be able to blog about them while we're working on them.

Excitement, adventure, really wild stuff. I'll see if I can get the PDC gig next time. This blogging stuff is nice, but it's even better to be able to meet real customers face-to-face.

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  1. dimkaz says:

    Too bad you are not comming 🙁

    I hope there was a good reason.

  2. You can sign things other than books.

  3. M Arrabi says:

    I want a signed copy – signed by both you and E Carter. You guys Rock!

    please let me know when you guys get your copies in Redmond. I’m serious – I’ll pay for the copy & S&H.

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