Plumbing the Depths of .NET For Office

My lead Eric Carter has started blogging about the work we're doing on VSTO2.  I'm excited that he's taken the plunge into blogging about this stuff for two reasons. 

First, no one has a broader or deeper technical understanding of the plumbing underlying the programming model that we're designing for Office than Eric.  (Which explains why the last time he took a vacation we decorated his office with plumbing supplies.)

Second, since he's doing it, that takes the onus of blogging about all this cool stuff off me so that I can continue to blog about hopelessly 20th century technologies.

(Speaking of which -- more is coming on SimpleScript soon, I promise.  We're crazy busy getting the bugs out for Whidbey Beta 1, and as we start to get into actual semantics, the code is getting harder to write.)

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