Strolling Around VSLive

Yesterday I was taking a break from manning the Visual Studio booth down here at VSLive, and kind of wandering around saying hi to people. Had a nice chat with Mike, talked to some customers, checked out what the latest crop of productivity tools looks like -- you know how it goes at these events. I wandered past a booth and caught out of the corner of my eye the words "SQL Anywhere". 

"Holy cow," I said to the booth guy, "there's a product I haven't written any code for in a while".

 "How's that?" the Sybase booth guy asked. 

"I wrote the first ODBC driver for the product that was eventually renamed SQL Anywhere. But that was long before Sybase owned it."

"That must have been some time ago."

"That would be, uh, let me think -- 1992."

He really had no response to that. 

Now I feel old.

Comments (4)

  1. bryan says:

    what did you say, 1492? my god, that was the same year Columbus sailed the ocean blue, this means that..oh, 1992, well carry on then.

  2. Elbie says:

    Okay, bear in mind here that when you wrote that code, you were a _student_.

    You’re not really old. You’re just no longer really young.

  3. Peter says:

    Only in the world of computers is 1992 considered a long, long time ago.

    I’m pretty sure I saw "The Empire Strikes Back" in theatres when it first came out, and that was twice as long ago. Clearly, therefore, I am nothing more than a dusty skeleton held together by foul, unnatural magic and packing tape.

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