VSTO 2.0, coming soon to an IT department near you

I know I've been talking a lot about the COM script engines -- how hopelessly twentieth-century! -- for the last few months.  Coworkers who don't work with me directly every day are often surprised to learn that I haven't been on the script team for about two years now.  I've been awfully busy over the last two years, and finally I can start talking about it.  I've been working on the design and implementation of the plumbing underlying Microsoft Visual Studio Tools For The Microsoft Office System, version 2.0.  That's rather a long title, so we usually refer to it as VSTO2 around here.

I'm going to be writing articles and comments for our new VSTO2 blog, which is just getting started at http://weblogs.asp.net/vsto2 -- I'll be sure to include links from this feed as well.

Also, if you guys are interested in VSTO2, or just want to hang out, I'll be giving talks on VSTO2 and the security implications of customized documents in the .NET world at VSLive in San Francisco and Toronto.  I'll try to follow up with blog entries for those of you who, tragically, can't make it. 

If you come to the talk, just remember: I am a professional software developer, not a professional public speaker.  I'll try to avoid mumbling and babbling, but no guarantees.

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  1. Branco Medeiros says:

    Sorry, this has nothing to do with VSTO2.

    While trying to reach your blog from the blogs.gotdotnet.com page, I found that it leads to a non-existing page: http://blogs.msdn.com/ericli

    To get to your blog I had to goto the original page (http://blogs.gotdotnet.com/ericli) and find my way from there.

    I guess you’d like to know this.



  2. Eric Lippert says:

    Thanks, I’ve informed the authorities.

    By the way, the email I sent you to say thanks bounced. You might want to update your web page.

  3. Looking forward to reading your blogs about VSTO2. Re public speaking, i’ve been to a few of your presentations including those you did with Peter Torr at the VSTO first SDR. You were very good (and so was Peter).

    I’ll be one of those who tragically won’t get to go to VSLive. So would be great if you could find the time to follow up with a blog or two. Thanks!

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