Updating the TFS Warehouse

I think that my next few posts will be about the Team Foundation Server Data Warehouse, so I wanted to do a post about how to update this warehouse on demand.

The Team Foundation Server Data Warehouse updates itself every couple of hours by default.  This process involves running all of the registered data adapters and processing the cube.  As you store more and more data, this can become a very CPU-intensive operation.  That is why the warehouse only updates every couple of hours by default.  In most cases, having your reports current within a couple of hours is sufficient.

However, there are times when you want to update the warehouse on demand.  Maybe you’re giving a demonstration, or maybe you’re debugging an adapter you’ve written or maybe you just need the most up to date method.

Updating the warehouse on demand is pretty straightforward - you can use the corresponding warehouse XML Web Service to kick off a run.  This is an async operation though, so you’ll need to poll on its status.  The two web methods you’ll need are shown below:


What makes this process a little tedious is that you have to keep invoking GetWarehouseStatus until it returns a status of Idle.

To make this a little easier, I thought I would write a small utility to kick off the run and monitor its status for me.  This little utility is shown below:


Once you select the right TFS, press the Update button and the utility should take care of kicking off a run and polling until the warehouse is idle again.  I posted the source here, please give it a try and let me know what you think.



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  1. paltman says:

    I was reading through the MSDN aggregation of blogs when I saw this post and it reminded me of a post and corresponding tool that I wrote a while back that looks very similiar to what you are doing here.


    My app is a tray app who’s icon changes color with the status and provides context menu options for kicking off an update.

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  4. MSDN Archive says:

    Nice job on the tray application – good to see another VSTS enthusiast 🙂  Maybe we can collaborate on a tool sometime.

  5. paltman says:

    Eric, it’d be a lot of fun to collaborate on a VSTS project, maybe make use of CodePlex for it.

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  7. Julien Lavigne says:

    I published a small update of this soft to provide support for autenthification, you can find it here : http://julien.lavigneducadet.com/index.php?2006/08/02/5-tfs-warehouse-update-with-authentification

  8. I received this from a colleague today and it’s so helpful I thought I’d post it to my blog

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  11. After I installed the eScrum template everything seemed fine bar the reports, only the work item report

  12. BM Bloggers says:

    After I installed the eScrum template everything seemed fine bar the reports, only the work item report

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